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Published: 09 November 2016

Kensington Aparthotel

Ah what can we say about Kensington Aparthotel other than whenever we speak to them they always have a funny story to tell.

However, today's story wasn't funny. It was full or sadness and woe.

It appears the Google police had caught up with Kensington and their website wasn’t performing well in the Google rankings any more, mainly due to their site not being mobile friendly.

Although their last website was built in 2012, 4 years is getting on a bit in web terms, so they buzzed the Way Fresh office to see what we can do.

After an in depth examination of their website it was concluded that a new design structure was in order to fix the issue.  The general look and feel was still fine and dandy, but we needed to make the site responsive to appease the Google Gods.

Kensington already has a large custom back office for managing their rooms and allocations (hand coded in meticulous detail by ourselves) and that was still working perfectly, so it was just a matter of a new lick of paint for the website.  (And some plastering, new sockets and maybe hanging a few new pictures!).

Anyway, we kept the general look and feel of the website with its dark tones complementing the bursts of gold, uploaded some new images, re-integrated their fabulous custom booking system (did I mentioned we built that too) and then swept beautifully into a responsive design so it will look bonny no matter what device you are looking at it on.

Simon & Steve handled everything for me

I was given Way Fresh's number and what a breath of fresh air. I handed all my information to Simon and Steve, discussed exactly what I wanted and left them to it. In a couple of weeks they had it all sorted and a few emails and phone calls and that was it. Their easy going professional manner made working with them stress free and fun.
Gillian Hall - Kensington ApartHotel

All in all a grand job for a grand looking website. Visit the website at www.kensingtonaparthotel.com

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Published: 09 November 2016