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Hosting is a bit like the road tax for websites.  Websites are stored on a server which needs to be online 24/7, using electricity, bandwidth, fully backed up regularly and stored in a fancy cooled server room. It also needs software licences and nerds to look after it and regularly install updates.

So each website has a monthly hosting fee which covers these charges and each fee varies based on how much resource the website uses.

We host every website that we create and our base package starts at £5 per month.

We have a cloud server that is managed by a professional ISP Cronos Internet and is stored in the Docklands area in London which is where the main backbone of the internet runs through the UK. Only websites owned by Way Fresh are on the server and is only accessible by our development team and the geeks at Cronos.

With it being a cloud server if we need more diskspace, memory or processor speed we can simply flex up and within 5 minutes we’re back up and running.

Our bandwidth is also burstable so if your website becomes super popular then the bandwidth will temporarily burst to cope with the additional traffic.

Our uptime is fantastic with the server rarely having issues. We also monitor our websites and if it’s unavailable for more than a minute then we are informed and we’re on it immediately.


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Our web development agency is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East. We also serve Northumberland and surrounding areas. Get an online quote by completing our form.

A fresh and engaging approach

The Way Fresh team did a fantastic job with our new website. They created us a fresh and engaging brand and allowed us full control over all our properties so we can easily add and remove them when we need. We would definitely recommend them for any website work.
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