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Hello and welcome to Way Fresh...

Hi and welcome to Way Fresh - In a nutshell we're a creative web design and development company serving Newcastle and the North East offering a full range of web services. With over 25 years web experience we know a trick or two to provide you with an affordable, mobile ready website which is ready for the search engines. For a cup of coffee and a chat give us a call - 0191 244 9976

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Our Services

Offering a full web service our in house team can look after every detail of your website. All our designs are custom made, so not a template in sight, and work in perfect harmony with mobile devices, search engines and social media.

Easy to deal with and always available

Way Fresh have and continue to produce exceptionally high standard web design and development work for the Jennings Group. Working with the team is a real privilege as they have a unique ability to help inspire and create new ideas and concepts that have fundamentally helped our business' online presence, and more importantly our sales, to grow exponentially.

Nas Khan

Managing Director - Jennings Ford UK
Testimonial from Nas Khan - Jennings Ford

Latest Work

Mobile Ready website supplier

Fresh Out Of The Oven

Kensington Aparthotel
Kensington Aparthotel
Bump Buddies
Bump Buddies
Paul Airey - Estate Agent
Paul Airey - Estate Agent
CM Projects
CM Projects

Our Fantastic Team

Way Fresh - Web design and development


Simon - Master Of Code - Way Fresh

Simon is the old man of the team and can remember times before the internet was invented. He has an annoying attention to detail which he likes to lord over the rest of us by scrutinizing our work with his web monocle.

Way Fresh - Responsive Design


Way Fresh - Responsive Design

Steve uses his natural grumpy demeanour to balance out the usual jovial atmosphere in the office. On the weekends he claims to only cook on the BBQ and has an unusual phobia of apostrophes.

Way Fresh - .NET Code


Way Fresh - .NET Code

Ben is the technical genius in the office and we think he has a direct brain link to the internet, hence us nicknaming him The Matrix. We sometimes catch him speaking in binary on the phone, but we don't know who to.

Way Fresh - Web Design


Way Fresh - Web Design

Simon 2, or just "2" as we now call him, claims to be the only web designer in the North East with size 7½ shoes. He enjoys beer, cake and beer, but not neccessarily in that order.

Way Fresh - Social Media Campaigns


Way Fresh - Social Media Campaigns

James is a self described Search Engine Fantastico who uses all sort of trickery (legal of course) to get our clients' websites up the search rankings. We're just glad he's on our side.

Website code database development


Website code database development

Kelly lives in the social media bubble and naturally spends her days looking at pictures of cats and posting her lunch to Facebook. She claims to have a magic bag of pixie dust that makes all her posts extra awesome.

Mobile Ready website supplier

So What's New?



Having just launched the brand, spanking new Metro Radio Arena website a few months ago, the PLAYHOUSE Whitley Bay (w...


Kensington Aparthotel

Ah what can we say about Kensington Aparthotel other than whenever we speak to them they always have a funny story to...


Bump Buddies

After the current Bump Buddies site was about to hit 6 years old, it was time for a fresh new update.

Metro Radio Arena Website Developer

Outstanding service and first class customer support

Way Fresh offer a first class service, with quick turnaround times. They are a creative company with a fresh approach to design and new ideas. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, confident in their abilities to provide an excellent result for companies of all sizes within budget.

Paul Tappenden

Group Manager - Metro Radio Arena

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If you would like Way Fresh to look after your next web project then please contact us on 0191 244 9976 or use the form below.

If you do want to meet up with us then you can catch us at Q16, Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8BX - View On Map.

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