A lovely hump day suprise in the post

We always look forward to a Wednesday at wayfresh, as hump day is treats day. Whether it’s a bag of peanut M&Ms, a Greggs Belgian bun (a classic, I know!) or a cornetto, we always need something to power us through the rest of the week. And what better way to keep us motivated than a ridiculously high sugar snack that will have us boocin’ off the ceiling!

This Wednesday was totally different. Before we spun the wheel of “whose turn is it to go and get the snacks” the postie arrived with a parcel for us. As we work in the cloud, pretty much everything we do is digital and we rarely get a letter nevermind a parcel, so excitement and curiosity were on the roof.

Carefully opening the parcel we found it to be a lovely little treat package from one from of our favourite clients – Rachel from Words By Rachel. Not only did the coffee beans smell fabulous, but buying them also helps the homeless too, which is a fantastic idea.

In addition there were two of the unbelievable classic Tunnocks Caramel biscuits which often frequented my Nanna’s biscuit jar, although one of them was troughed while I went looking for my phone to take a photo!!! ☹

On top of that was a postcard with a lovely hand written message which I won’t share as it is way too racy for this blog! (lol – just joking!)

More importantly Rachel said that when she made her first million, a shinier parcel may arrive. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a new bike!

So if you are looking for a fab new copywriter and be in the chance of edible prizes arriving at your workplace, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better/nicer/funnier than wor Rach. Check out her website at wordsbyrachel.uk.

If you love coffee and want to help out, check out the website for Calderwood House.

Now it's time to get the kettle on.

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