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Most customers will pay more for a car to buy it from a brand they trust

Websites For Car Dealerships

With online traders, private sales and car supermarkets, the choice for buying a new or used car is the greatest it has ever been. So how do you attract customers to visit your forecourt? With the right approach, wayfresh can help generate more sales and showcase your cars and services in a way to turn more visitors into buyers.

More Car Sales

New and used car sales are the bread and butter of most car dealerships. With a custom website from wayfresh, we can showcase your brand and demonstrate you are a market leader. Creating a mixture of incentives, landing pages and targeted digital marketing, we'll make sure you are found where your ideal buyers are searching.

Customers On To The Forecourt

Most customers will look online for their next car, but they will rarely buy it before visiting your forecourt to see the car in person. A website provided by wayfresh will showcase your full stock including galleries, videos, technical specifications, running costs - everything your customer needs to see. With strongly placed call to actions we can help get the customer to the forecourt.

Testimonial from Dale Gillespie

Lookers Group

wayfresh have and continue to produce exceptionally high standard web design and development work for the Jennings Group. Working with the team is a real privilege as they have a unique ability to help inspire and create new ideas and concepts that have fundamentally helped our business' online presence, and more importantly our sales, to grow exponentially.

Dale Gillespie - Digital Marketing

Business Intelligence

Websites and digital marketing are a crucial investment to car dealerships in order to grow, but it's also vital to know what is working and what isn't. With our business intelligence we show which kind of cars get the most hits and viewings, what your visitors are searching for, or many enquiries you have received and what platforms are driving the most traffic to your website.

With the use of heatmap technology we can also monitor how your visitors interact with your site and adjust pages and call to actions based on the feedback.

Motor dealer websites
Website heat mapping tools to improve conversions

Web Page Heat Map

Fully Managed Service

When we launch your website, it's just the beginning of the journey. Using business intelligence and heatmaps we will ensure your website is always performing optimally.

With technology and the marketplace constantly changing, it's important that your website also adapts to maintain your business growth. We will regularly suggest ideas for new sections, content or even recommend campaigns for improved social media engagement with your customers.

All our websites are monitored 24/7 and with our legendary support, should you have any questions we are always a phone call or email away.

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