Bump Buddies

For me, it’s difficult to think back to last week never mind a whole 6 years ago, but back in September 2010 was when we first created the original Bump Buddies website.  Packed full of pretty birds and bumble bees, it was certainly a sight to behold.

But not only did it look pretty it worked great too and gave Louise from Bump Buddies a fantastic platform for launching her specialised antenatal services.

Fast forward 6 years and although the site still looked fab, so much had changed on the tinterweb (internet), mainly people now viewing websites on mobile devices.

Alas the current Bump Buddies site was no longer performing to its optimum so Louise got in touch with us at Way Fresh for a bit of a rejig to bring it up to date.

Brandwise, the site was still awesome, so we kept the general look and feel, but re-created it all within a responsive web design so it would stack nicely whether you were looking at it on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop device.

On top of that we combined and streamlined the sections to make it flow nicer for their customers.

Finally, we integrated our all singing and dancing Fresh Admin Content Management System allowing Louise full control of her website.

How lovely!

However, Louise has now gone on a new venture and the Bump Buddies website is no longer available.

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