Cool website navigation

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The days of just doing a left navigation website design are long gone, of course it still has its place in certain styles of sites especially larger sized ones. Now we see an emerging amount of vertical scrolling web sites almost like the old style anchor of information further down the page. So we have the entire site or a high % of it all one page jumping to sections from a top navigation. This is mostly due to the amount of broadband we have these days, you wouldn't have even thought about doing one of these 10 years ago!

Sir John A Day

Nice illustration vector style site with a vertical navigation jump.

CRAC agency

This one is a mixture of vertical and horizontal, slightly annoying load times though however nice to navigate as you arent sure where you going to go next.

Leading Art

A niche site so the design is quite a bit more than you would get on a regular business style site however its another example of shifting the screen to view different art images.

More days

This one doesn't move about as the previous ones do however i had to put it in as i love script style fonts on navigations and this one is a beauty, lovely long pages with great spacing and colour use.

Heart Shaped Gallery

Just a wall of colour for a front navigation, unique in that you probably wouldnt be able to do this on anything other then a personal project or one off site but still eye catching and worth a look.

Nick Jones

Its one of those that throw you all over the screen so you dont know what's going to open or move next, love it!