Dance Teacher Hub

Monday, 20 April 2015

As they in Strictly “Keep Dancing” which is exactly what our lovely new client is promoting with their Dance Teacher Hub website.

The Dance Teacher Hub team, or DTH as we call them, started off providing business advice and tips to dance teachers out there who wanted to get involved in teaching dance or running their own dance school.

Things began with a small Facebook following, but soon grew to over 4,000 members in the first year due to the popularity of their service. It was then that the guys at DTH realised they needed to create a website as their central hub for all their articles, tips and videos.

DTH contacted Way Fresh and we whipped them up a snazzy looking website to attract new dance teachers and integrated our Fresh Admin Content Management System to allow DTH to upload as many pages, articles, images and video clips as they fancied.

The response from their customers was phenomenal with over 400 brand new sign ups in their first few days.

View the website at