Ahh Facebooth! Ok this one was slightly different to what we usually do in that the client needed a hook to go with their fantastic product. We needed something to grab peoples attention and with only small amounts of information required we threw on our thinking hats and came up with the lovely monsters. The client loved our animals that we use on the Way Fresh site and so we wanted to keep the same vector style and add some more colour to tie in with the Facebooth and the way it "brings out your inner monster"

We tried a few versions of this website to start with that didn't quite hit the spot, originally we had a full screen scrolling site but it didn't convey the information enough so we decided to keep things a little more simple and add a dash of Way Fresh Magic© .

The finished website is a colourful straight to the point page about what Facebooth is and what it does, the client loves the look and feel and so do we.

Visit the Facebooth North East website at www.faceboothnortheast.co.uk

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