Holmer Park

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Holmer Park is operated by Mosaic Health Clubs & Spas which we have had a fantastic business relationship with now for a few years. Way Fresh look after all of the Mosaic group websites and are the sole supplier for new websites when additional clubs and spas are taken over by Mosaic. Holmer Park is one of their flagship retreats in Hereford.

Compromising of a Spa and Health club along with an amazing pool and dining facilities Way Fresh needed to convey the class and prestige of the venue on the website. The answer is showing off the club using the great photography that was supplied by the client.

The site doesn't follow a regular entry point with an overall homepage instead we decided to make the homepage the entry point for either Spa or health club as they are quite separate experiences and the client was keen to keep that focus.

We went for a large full screen image of the club on the homepage so clients can see the seclusion of the building and its natural beauty, the grounds and the charm of the club really entice new members and we felt as if the website had to carry on that feeling.

Way Fresh kept the site modern, chunky and bright whilst also sticking religiously to the colour palette of the club and the Mosaic brand. What has been built is around a80% CMS website with the ability for Mosaic to create custom landing pages that are driven to from Social Media campaigns, these pages have tracked enquiry forms on so Mosaic can see how successful an inbound link campaign on Facebook has been.

Way Fresh are super proud of this one and it has been ear marked to be used as a structural start for a new site we are starting on soon for The Gainsborough Club, we can't wait!

Visit website at www.holmerpark.co.uk