How to get the most out of your web design agency

So you’ve made that important decision. You’ve chosen what web design agency to work with and you are super excited to get your new website up and running. You’re aware of their skill set and how long it is going to take, but what do you do now? Do you sit back and twiddle your thumbs, just waiting for the work to be done? Do you need to be asking questions?

It’s hard to know what to do in these situations, you’re relying on this web design agency to do a good job of your new project but in the meantime what is it that you’re supposed to be doing. How do you know that all is going how you’d like it to? Here is just how you as a client can get the most out of your web design agency.

Be Clear on the Initial Brief
Everything starts somewhere and the chances are that your new web design is going to begin with an initial brief and this is where you need to be as clear as possible. Every little minor detail that you want to be included in your design somehow needs to be communicated from your brain to theirs, there should be no stone left unturned. Be clear on the ideas you have for text, colours, brand voice, branding to ensure you are both on the same wavelength for when it comes to the project. Having a smooth, clear path right from the beginning means that it’ll be an easier transition to the website launch.

Open Lines of Communication
Don’t be afraid to communicate often. Although we’re not saying call up every few hours for the latest updates, don’t be afraid to ask them how the project is coming along. They may need your assistance on clarifying details or you may have forgotten to mention something to them. Perhaps you could plan communication before the project begins on how often you’ll receive updates from them so you know as and when you will be told of the latest goings-on.

Be Prepared
Not everything goes right in the first instance. Maybe what you had envisioned in your mind as your dream website isn’t quite right and needs a bit of tinkering. Make sure you allow time and have the patience for changes that may need to happen. Also, be prepared for your ideas to change as the process happens, you never know what you might end up preferring! Another thing is to be prepared to give honest feedback - if you don’t like something, say so. It’s your website and web designers are there to ensure you love it.

Be Clear on Budget
Money isn’t something us Brits talk about often, it’s not in our nature. But when it comes to budget and work like web design, a budget is something that needs to be clear from the get-go. Make sure that there is a contract or a pre-agreement signed beforehand so that you aren’t spending more than you initially agreed. Although the features that are suggested to you for your new website might sound really awesome, they may also be way over your budget. Ensure you let the web design agency know of how much your willing to spend so that they don’t work more to charge you more.

Trust the Experts
Most of all, trust the experts! The chances are the web design agency you’ve chosen is highly skilled and qualified to do their job and to do it well! Maybe you had your heart set on a font or a colour but it just doesn’t sit right with the rest of your styling - trust the experts that they will lead you in the right direction. Web designers get a kick out of things looking good and you can guarantee they will work hard to ensure that your website does too!

Are you ready to make the most out of working with a web design agency? For more information on how we can help you, check out the services that we offer.

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