Inspiring web designs

Friday, 12 October 2012

Last week i did inspiring web footers so its seemed fitting to this week move onto inspiring websites. The ones that i have decided to pick out are photography based sites that use great photograph or a mix of photography & illustration.

Mc Millers Sweets Emporium

The sweet illustrations are really fitting with the rest of the website and the contrast of the bright colours of the sweets against the dark of the website background definitely makes this an inspiring website for me it makes you want to do more illustration style websites.


Lovely site with hints of beauty everywhere, the little animals move with great sounds (not annoying). The outer area is an inspired web design however the inner content area seems a little bit squashed in, still overall a very enjoyable site to browse.

MACQUARIE University

Quirky web design with small rooms illustration style, the pop up info areas with the descriptions is do seem a bit lacking but the idea and delivery of the other parts of the site kind of makes up for it.

Pioneer STEEZ

Favourite site here, a brilliantly inspiring web design which has great photography mixed with illustration and then the striking movement to top it off. It's also a good example of web site animation done well.

True Tea

Small site but i just like the idea of the tea in the bottle and the hand, the site has a different style of illustration than the others with a more travel/worldly feel to it. Another inspiring web design for you.

Thanks for reading please add any sites of which you like to this post.