Jute Export

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jute Export is a specialist materials company in the North East who needed a new responsive website that was easy to use and simple and clean in appearance.

Way Fresh set to work on delivering a responsive website that used white space and product imagery to best effect creating an inviting and simplistic responsive website that the client can use as a tool to quickly target customers allowing them to access the products with minimal clicks.

The responsive website adjusts the size of the site based on the device the visitor is viewing the site on, whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop.

The client needed a brand, colour scheme and everything that goes with it as the old website was a one page affair without a logo or any real presence. Way Fresh turned around a fully responsive website in a matter of days with a full Content Management System in place for Products and core page updates allowing a maintenance free site that looks fresh and slick.

Way Fresh can deliver static or responsive sites in a timescale that fits in with your business, so why not drop us an email today and see where we can take your current website for much less than you think into a fully CMS enabled responsive clean design.

Visit website at www.juteexport.co.uk