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wayfresh have looked after Nesmo’s website for a number of years, but it was mainly focused on commercial conversions website for truck bodies. The team at Nesmo wanted to update the site with a better focus towards a new business model they have which is campervan conversions. The previous website had a very corporate brand and as campervan  conversion is a very different market, we felt that simply adding a new section for this wouldn't be the best way forward. So we agreed to develop a new website with a heavier brand focus on the red of the Nesmo logo and with more imagery generally to give the website design a much stronger visual punch!

The team at Nesmo had prepared up a full campervan conversion of a VW van allowing us to see the finished vehicle which gave us some great photography to use for the web design.

Campervans are very much a personal or emotional choice, whereas corporate vehicles are a business necessity and building a platform to showcase both equally to two very distinct audiences was our main challenge. We acheived this through strong imagery and clear navigation getting the visitor to their desired section as quick as possible. We also decided to take out the desktop main navigation and put this behind a more mobile friendly navigation which instantly helped to unclutter the top header of the website. With more of a focus on user journey throughout our websites here at wayfresh, we feel as if the visitor can be guided quickly and easily through the content they need to interact with without much need for a large main menu.

Overall the completed website is a hybrid site with around 40% of the page being powered from the CMS, allowing Nesmo to update and keep on top of case studies and campervans for sale. Nesmo have already seen a 30% increase in traffic and a strong rise in the number of leads they receive through the website.

And to top it all, we received this lovely message!

I can't recommend Steve and Simon enough. Not only are the websites that they create brilliant, the knowledge, skills and willingness to help whenever we need it, set them apart from the rest. Thank you very much guys!

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