Simple Bridging

Simple Bridging have been around for a while and Way Fresh did the first version of their website a few years ago. The client has many businesses in the North East and has always chose Way Fresh to come up with the online presence for each of them. The original website was a little more sale focussed and a bit wordy with a more intense sales approach which in 2020 was at a different place to where the business was.

We were instructed to scale things right back, keep it clean and focussed. So that is what the team did, after creating an initial visual in Photoshop we spun that through the copywriter and came up with a straight to the point small site that aims to deliver quick concise information of what Simple Bridging do. The site is more aimed at customers that are aware of the brand and so SEO was not a major part of the project.

The end result is basically the brief delivered and with another happy client that’s all that matters. Onto the next project!

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