Words By Rachel

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Helping an old colleague get started in their business was a great thing for us to get involved with. We knew this client from many moons ago and found out that they wanted to start a Marketing & Communications Services business.

Words by Rachel was a nice one for us to do as the client had quite a strong view of the look of the site before we started, it was to have autumn tones and to be spearheaded by a typewriter image that had the main logo on the paper at the top.

Way Fresh went with a classic look with a modern twist for the Web Design using a typewriter font called Special Elite which gives the pages a typed look. The site is intended to look personal and not come across corporate which the client wanted to emphasise.

There is a web blog which is powered by our Content Management System (CMS) and also a case studies section again powered by our in house Fresh Admin system.

Overall a clean classic small website delivering concise information on services and a platform to showcase work.

Visit the website at www.wordsbyrachel.uk