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A creative website will make you stand out from the crowd and help build leads, but what if your website has low traffic and your customers can't easily find you? With a perfectly crafted digital marketing plan we can help drive the right traffic through to your website using a mixture of Google search, social media and content marketing.


Every business is different and therefore the approach to digital marketing should be too. What works well for one website, may not work for another, so it's essential that digital marketing is planned carefully around your business, the marketplace and where your customers are looking.

The wayfresh team will review your business, what your goals are and then create a strategy to help deliver traffic, generate leads and raise awareness of your brand.

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How many times when looking on Google did you venture onto page 2? Did you know 95% of customers visit websites that are found on page 1 of Google with 70% choosing businesses that appear in the top 5? With those incredible statistics it's crucial that your business appears at least on the first page of Google.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans will ensure your website is perfectly setup, not only for your customers, but also for the search engines. The wayfresh team will help optimise your website and then put a strategy in place to help increase your page ranking, aiming to get you high up on page 1 as possible.

In addition we will also provide reports to show what has been achieved for your investment and what needs to be done next to continue your growth.


Google's Pay Per Click (PPC) services allow your website to be seen by your potential customers immediately. This targeted approach is perfect if you are within a competitive marketplace, want to be found for exact keyword searches and if you want results immediately.

With PPC your adverts are shown when someone searches for your chosen keywords, but then you only pay a small fee when the advert is actually clicked. The wayfresh team offer a fully managed service, with extensive keyword research, advert creation and then continuous review and adjustment.

Perfectly written adverts linking to dedicated landing pages will give you the best chance of converting your visitors into customers.

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Content Marketing

When visitors and search engines visit your website they both want to know the same thing: Are you an expert in your marketplace? For visitors this helps build trust in your brand, but for search engines it's a way to showcase that you are an authority, target your chosen keywords and demonstrate to Google that you should be placed higher in the search rankings.

Most companies have a blog, however they tend to churn out dull corporate posts. Producing high quality articles is key for making your content more shareable, especially on social media.

Working with wayfresh we can create a content marketing strategy, help produce quality articles, engage with your customers through newsletters and help you master social media marketing.

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