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At wayfresh we don't just build you a website or run a digital marketing campaign and then leave you to it. It's just the beginning of the journey. Using a combination of business intelligence and heatmaps we constantly review your website to ensure it is still delivering results. As a full service agency we can also manage all aspects of your website including domains, emails, SSLs and website hosting.

Business Intelligence

Websites and digital marketing are a crucial investment to all businesses in order to grow, but it's also vital to know what is working and what isn't. With our business intelligence we show which kind of products or services get the most hits and viewings, what your visitors are searching for, or how many enquiries you have received and what platforms are driving the most traffic to your website.

As a wayfresh customer we will regularly review your website and suggest ideas and feedback to ensure it is still growing and delivering the right results.

Website heat mapping tools to improve conversions

Web Page Heat Map


If only there was a way we could tell how our customers interact with our website. Fortunately there is and it's called a Heatmap. Not only can we show you where customers are clicking and scrolling on a static image, we can also record them using your website, showing their cursor, how they interact – just as if you were looking over their shoulder.

Armed with this information we can adjust your content, images and call to actions to better suit your customers and how they use your website.

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Website Hosting

Every website we build is hosted on our own dedicated cloud server which is fully owned by wayfresh and manged by a professional ISP. Our server is lightning quick with plenty of burstable bandwidth in case you happen to go viral! And it's fully monitored 24/7.

In addition to hosting we also provide our customers with email addresses, SSL certificates and domain name registrations. All part of our managed service.

Website hosting and SSL certificates

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