A Bad Logo or a Good Logo

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Logo Design

Its one of those little niggles that comes back again and again and sometimes there is almost no way around it. What is it that has web designers cowering under their desks more times then we would care to admit to? Yes its logos and in particular a bad logo already created that you have to "somehow" create a new website design around.

What To Do With A Bad Logo

Well most designers have been there, you have a meeting and scope out a great project the client is keen for something different and wants you to have free reign over the web design. However when you ask about their logo they say "yep we have a logo" and out comes the business card with the Word Art on or something monotone that was designed in Word 10 years ago by the secretary at home on a Sunday night. The inner designer in you dies a little inside when you are told that we can't change it because we like it.

So What Logo Options Do We Then Have?

Usually there are three options;

  • Just go with what is there and make it small!
  • Offer to redo it slightly with a nicer font but keep it the same colour wise for no cost
  • Throw in a logo redesign with perhaps a few options to keep the spend low

When faced with the above we always usually go with options two or three, most of the time option three won't work because it would involve changing other media that the logo is on. So option two is the best bet, you can keep the look of the logo but slightly bring it up to date and usually this means just a tweak to the font.

If you did want a fresh new logo and head down the option 3 route, then Way Fresh offer a great logo package. This gives you either six to nine initial concepts and then you can pick and choose your favourite bits from each and we will tie this all up into a final logo design. This package is very cost effective and so you aren't paying as much as you would usually pay for a full brand exercise.

Below are a selection of concepts for various logos we have done.

Speak to Way Fresh about your logo today, we offer logo packages from a very reasonable rate and reduced price packages when we do your website at the same time.

Remember a logo is the first link your websites design has so if it's low quality or look out of date, then enhancing it first will always make your website much easier on the eye.