Baltic Holidays

Baltic Holidays are a step in a different direction for us here at Way Fresh, as we had never done a travel website before, so for us it was a really exciting project to get involved with.

Having been introduced to Baltic by one of our clients that we have had a long-standing relationship with, it was a great initial meeting and we got a feel for what the business is all about, how they operate and tailor holidays around a person.

At Baltic Holidays it’s a completely different setup to a traditional travel agent and Baltic holidays really tap into the bespoke end of travel, we hoped that here at Way Fresh with our emphasis always on bespoke websites that we would have a fantastic relationship!

The website needed to be heavily CMS based and allow the client to create a plethora of tours and packages to different countries and areas. This meant that we had to put together a modular website with actually very few pages from a front-end build perspective that gave Baltic the ability to publish their packages with ease.

Simple Web Design

Simple website design in this case was always going to be the best way forward, with the amount of potential information that can go onto a page powered from our feature rich Fresh Admin system we kept the pages streamlined and sectioned off so that each piece of information flowed down the page in a uniform and consistent manor.

Baltic Holidays could manage all their destinations and tours themselves updating full tour content and galleries in a diary format giving their customers a full breakdown of what the tour entails. In addition they can now also take deposits online.

The end result of this is a polished website that gives a gentle entry into a whole host of countries and tours all flowing through to the end point of contacting Baltic online, there was no brief for buying package deals online for this one as they are so specific that the client needs to do this via the telephone and so the end goal is to tease and showcase as much tour and travel information about private tours and destinations but make it clear that anyone can create a once in a lifetime bespoke holiday just for them.

With the integration of TypeForm to capture end visitor enquiries it’s a one stop shop for that tailor-made tour from the Baltic to the black sea!

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