Castle View Academy

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Castle View Academy is a new and exciting multimillion pound school for 11-16 year olds serving the areas of Castletown, Townend, Bexhill, Hylton Castle and beyond.

Their original site was looking dated and was very expensive to maintain so we headed in to see how we could help.

Their main issue was that they had plenty to add to the site on a daily basis, but without a Content Management System (CMS) they had to ask their web design company to manage it all for them at a huge cost.

So after plenty of discussion we all agreed that a Full CMS would be perfect allowing them to manage all aspects of the site themselves.

Castle View can now manage content on all of their pages including blog articles, galleries, announcements and document libraries to name a few. They are also in full control of managing their large sporting facilities with the general public.

With a CMS, they can make all the changes at no extra cost. Another happy client!