Fraser Grant

Friday, 8 November 2019

After taking on the rebrand of the Fraser Grant logo the wayfresh team started to look at the development of the new& website. The old website was quite section heavy with a traditional big navigation with dropdowns on for sub sections that were no longer relevant to their audience. After an initial brainstorm about the layout for the website, it was agreed that the site needed to focus on primarily being used on mobile devices as that is what students and young professionals would tend to view the platform on.

For the property list the main area we looked at this from a customer journey and usability perspective. What features are most important to students? Turns out it is number of bedrooms and of course price. With focus on usability and being able to find properties quick and easy on a mobile device we didn't go down the traditional estate agent website route of multiple dropdowns and instead you can filter the results by pressing buttons for the number of bedrooms and then sliding your way to a price. All with automatic postbacks so it can all be done one handed, on a bike, while commuting to your studies!!

Going forward to the property view pages the process was again much the same, clean, bold quick to read. The huge property descriptions are long gone with an emphasis on price and bedrooms. The icons are used to quickly allow people to identify core offerings of a property such as proximity to transport and appliances etc. The potential customer is then just given the most informative and important things they need to see about the property;

  • Images
  • Price
  • Bedrooms
  • Icons for features

The website is powered by our new Fresh Homes platform giving Fraser Grant full control over all their properties and even allowing them to take viewings for future terms.

In addition to managing their properties, Fraser Grant can also get some amazing business intelligence and can see how many hits, enquiries and also calls their properties have had, letting them see which properties are most popular. Pretty neat, huh!

The new website and property platform is a huge step forward and we are confident it will give Fraser Grant the tools to keep all of their properties fully rented out for years to come.

To view their new website, head over to