Funny and odd websites

Friday, 26 October 2012

Flipping the blogs on their head this week I took a look at the less serious and less artistic side of the web with a few stupid sites that raise a smile and also just the plain odd. Nothing in here is here because of its design it's more just to explore the whacky.

Bubble Wrap Simulator

A good idea and who doesn't have the time to create such a piece?

The Oatmeal

Loads of great stuff on here to make anyone laugh.

Online Website

A bit of a tongue in cheek look at what is needed to create a website and how many people it really does take to pull it all together :)

Record Tripping

Really well done and quite funny website, take a look and also please post any sites like this as they are always good for a Friday

Screaming Beans

I don't know what else to say, it is just a bizarre web game but that's what makes if funny.

Lorem Ipsum - Bacon

Any designer will have a lorem ipsum site bookmarked however here is a daft take on it and worth a use for the next project so you dont get the strange comments from clients wondering "why has the website got weird latin on it" not realising its filler text and they need to supply the text. No we weren't actually going to put your site live with latin on :)

Try some Bacon Ipsum

Thanks for reading the weird and funny sites blog and feel free to add any more including games.