Holy smokes Batman - wayfresh is 10 years old!!

After a delightful decade of digital decadence (alliteration rocks!) we’re celebrating our 10th birthday at wayfresh manor!

Let's take a seat in the weathered tartan armchair and kick back and reminisce over 12 months of glorious designing, coding and comical banter that fills our days.

Now we could tell you about every website or platform we have built in the past 8,760 hours, but we've yapped about all of that already in our case studies section, so repeating it here would have you reaching for the back button with a stifled yawn.

Instead we’ll have a focus on much more funkier and fun stuff that may prove to a be a tad more interesting, although we'll be keeping our fingers crossed your attention doesn’t wane too much.

Content Management

One of the main things we have focused on this year is making our CMS (unimaginatively named Fresh Admin) a lot more functional.

We've now integrated a drag and drop page builder allowing our beautiful customers to erm drag and drop stuff on to their page! Pressing the subtlest arrow on the right shows a total of 226 snippets that can be added to each page.

We’ve got your usual images, content, 2 columns of text, video, maps then an absolute tonne of buttons and snippets for products, services, profiles. I’m running out of breath, but you get the picture. Best of all, if you need something special we can customise a snippet just for you!


Around 1 in 5 (or was it 20%) of new calls we get are about people wanting a Wordpress site or want their Wordpress site tweaking or fixing or updating or scrapped. Honestly, there is so much more to life than Wordpress, but their marketing must be pretty on point as everyone seems to love them.

So we have bitten the bullet and are now offering Wordpress sites as an option. It’s not for everyone and if you are just after a tiddler site, then it’s probably overkill and we wouldn’t recommend it, but rest assured, it’s something we can now provide.

Speed 3

No this is not the long awaited movie in the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock franchise, it’s referring to three things we have done to speed up stuff at wayfresh.

1. Page speed – We know that website page speed is now a huuuuge factor with Google and so we have now done more homework and are achieving some pretty awesome page loading speeds now for our customers. Not only does it keep Google happy, but with a quick loading time on desktop and mobile it keeps our customer’s customers happy too and stops them from reaching for the back button as they are bored of waiting too long!

2. Proposals – It’s rare that we use the word ball-ache, but I will bring it out today to describe how I feel about writing proposals. But they are an evil necessity of everything we do so they must be tolerated. These used to take ages to write and the new customer was hanging on, when in reality all they really want is a price. So to take as much pain out of it as possible, we have totally revised our proposal process meaning that we usually can now get a proposal back out to the customer within a few hours of the call.

3. Skeleton / Modules - For those who know wayfresh well, and if you don’t then you are “probably” missing out, we like to do things custom to make sure whatever we create 100% matches the goals of our clients. Doing this usually meant a bit longer design and dev time while we sharpened our crayons and cranked up the geeks. To grease the wheels we’ve created an amazing skeleton platform with a plethora of modules and functionality. For all new builds we use this as our foundation site, chuck out any things that aren’t relevant, drop in any custom stuff and before we know it we’re already halfway there. Also works out as a canny cost saving for our customers too!

That's about it so thanks for reading, and if you are still reading, then see you in August 2021!

Thinking about a new website, but the only thing holding you back is having to work with dull designers? Good luck with that!! However after recent studies we are 12% less geeky than other local agencies and we always have good friendly banter.

Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you.

The wayfresh team

Due to lock down we’re not allowed to share cake. Sorry, not sorry.

P.S. No one actually made us a cake this year either, that’s a stock photo above. We had to make do with a Gregg’s Belgian Bun split between 6!

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