Hoppings Is Back!

It’s been a while since we last posted anything (too long) what can we say other than err we forgot, well we didn’t really, we have just been busy on some super exciting web projects which we will start to trickle onto the blog and site over the next few weeks etc.

One of the biggest North East events is back in town this year after 2 years off because of the pandemic. Yep, the Hopping’s Funfair is back for 2022 and wayfresh were over the moon to be selected to build the new website, the site was actually built for last year 2021 but then the event was cancelled at the last minute and the site didn’t go live until recently.

The Hopping’s is all about fun and the event has never really had a dedicated website before, the new owners Crow Events wanted a visually striking colourful website that didn’t overwhelm. Its main focus is really on parking passes and an overview of the history of the event etc. The website was designed using some amazing imagery which we were provided that helped to launch the event back into everyone’s minds. The website needed to flow vertically so curves were used to create a flowing vibe down the pages with bold bright text and punchy images what we have is a super easy to access website that gives visitors the key information without overwhelming.

The Hopping’s is 100% back for 2022 and wayfresh can’t wait to see what future years bring for the event and website. Bring on 17th June 2022!

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