See how your visitors use your website with Heatmaps

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Wouldn't it be great if we knew how your customers are using your website, where they click and when they choose to leave? With Heatmaps this is now possible and here is why they are crucial for when we build your website and run your digital marketing campaigns.

There are lots or ways to measure website performance with Google Analytics being one of the most popular. But is just looking at the number of visitors and page views enough to know that your website is performing?

How do we know your visitors are engaging with your website in the way you intended? Introducing Heatmaps.


Heatmaps are visual representations of attention, engagement, and interactions generated by your visitors as they navigate through your site.

Heatmaps are an excellent tool to show exactly how visitors are using your website, where they click, how they scroll and where they engage.


In this example we can see where site visitors are clicking the most. The more clicks the hotter the blob looks – from cool blue up to hot red. Using this information we can easily see the second navigation item is clicked the most as it is the “hottest”, however the right side panel has very few clicks.

Tracking website visitors' clicks will helps us become aware of their expectations while browsing through your site and then the pages can be adjusted to be more engaging or provide additional content.

Visitor Recordings

Heatmaps look amazing, but how would you like to look over the shoulder of your visitors as they use your website?

Now we can see what your visitors see with our Visitor Recordings feature. When designing or making significant changes to your website we can now eliminate guesswork and structure your pages to exactly how your visitors would use them.


In this example we can track the mouse of the visitor, see where they linger, where they click and make sure their journey through your website is as easy as possible. If a certain action requires too many steps and is difficult to navigate, they eventually give up, and you lose clients.

We can find out what is of most interest to your visitors so we can put this information in the spotlight or remove any distractions from them getting in touch.

Web Design

When we build responsive websites or make large changes to existing pages, it's a huge mistake to make random changes and hope for the best. It's a quick way to:

  • lower conversion rates
  • losing out on sales
  • scaring away customers

Utilising Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings helps give us insight into your customers' behaviour and we can then build your pages for maximum engagement and to convert visitors into customers.

If you would like to see how your customer's user your own website, please contact us today and we'll arrange a demonstration.