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Way back in the easy going days of 2015 we built a smashing web platform called Slide Topics where teachers, coaches or anyone who loved a good Powerpoint presentation could download a plethora of pre-prepared business presentations.

This ran alongside the client’s other project called Manage Train Learn which focused more on education.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have just launched the new Manage Train Learn site which has mashed both of the websites together into one glorious platform encompassing the best of both platforms.

The new MTL site has moved away from the pay as you download model and now uses subscriptions which offer the customer a lot more value. All the old slide topics and masterclasses have been weeded, stripped bare and relaunched with absolute tonnes of new and fresh content.

But how did we do it? With the usual wayfresh magic and aplomb!

We first looked at the goals of the new site which were to primarily get more monthly subscriptions. To do this we needed to present the slides topics in a much more friendly way and, of course, easy to view on mobile too. Gone were the separate pages for browsing by level and then search by keyword and instead these were combined into a single page, making slides easier to find with a few clicks.

Getting those pesky customers to sign up would be the toughie, but we came up with a plan to tease more of the slides in a gallery so the customer can get a good sneak peak of what to expect when the slide is downloaded. Added to this was a humungous landing page showcasing all the bells, whistles and benefits of using the new MTL platform.

Masterclasses were re-invented with plenty of good quality content, imagery and with the added bonus of being able to tease a slide gallery right in the middle! Also a bit of cross promotion between the slides and the masterclass articles made everything peachy.

And guess what? All powered by an easy to use custom built Content Management System. (Try saying that 5 times quickly!) Here is a peak behind the curtain for how easy it is for the slides to be managed.

Looks pretty dang good!

Meshed into it all are SEO nuggets for making the slides and articles more friendly on the search engines and most definitely easier to share on all the social media platforms.

We’re still in the early days of launch, but the feedback on the site has been classed as sensational. Analytics show an increase in page views, users and traffic and verbal feedback from customers has been spot on.

We’ll drop a testimonial here once the client has re-written it as the one they initially sent through way overused the phrases “fabulous” and “sexy”!!

Now is the time for us to sit back, relax and reflect and on another beautiful project we have released into the wild.

Head over and visit the Manage Train Learn website at

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