Manchester Arena

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another arena site just launched by Way Fresh is the Phones 4U Arena website. Formally known as the Manchester Evening News Arena the arena was currently rebranding with a new sponsor and wanted to a new creative direction to the site.

The website was fully designed with the Phones 4U branding throughout with plenty of easy to use functionality to showcase all their events and information to their visitors.

Way Fresh had previously create a full Content Management System (CMS) for the first direct arena, a sister site to this arena and this was also to be used as the backbone of this new website.

Phones 4U Arena can fully manage all of their website including adding their own events, creating large sliders on the home page, promoting events on a scrolling ticker, managing all their photography and content, all from the central CMS.

The system also allows them to generate revenue from the website through a series of banner locations which are placed using the CMS and then fully tracked.

Visit the website at