Oaks NE

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Oaks North East are a building company that specialise in extensions and conversions, they have many years' experience in the trade and have always used Way Fresh for their online presence upgrading and evolving their websites over time.

Originally Oaks did not have a project section on their previous website and it was much more of a brochure site which was only updated once a year. Way Fresh discussed the benefits of an active blog / projects section with them for various benefits, mainly Search Engine Optimisation and client uptake.

Oaks NE wanted to let their work do a lot of the talking on the while showcasing some beautiful extensions and loft conversions from all over the North East region. Way Fresh created a classic looking site that shows Oaks NE to be long standing family based builders with a high attention to detail and with positive customer testimonials.

The finished site has big bold images backed up with minimal classically styled text with various points of action dotted around the site for potential customers to get in touch.

Each page leads the eye down and with most pages being quite long vertically but not over bearing with tons of text it gives the users a nice quick vertical scroll and then straight into a small form something that Way Fresh use at a lot of sites that always has a high conversion rate for enquiries, keeping your form to no more than 3 fields will always in most scenarios be better then 5+ which can be off putting for casual visitors.

Whether you're looking for a CMS based website so you can control all of the pages, or perhaps a bespoke design which has a blog where you can update your latest work then give us a call to discuss taking your business a bit further online.

Visit the website at www.oaksneltd.com