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On Point Building and Joinery Ltd have been trading for quite some time and had been relying primarily on Facebook for showcasing projects. In the past they had been using the ultra-cheap pay per month free style web services, but as most find they are quite niche and only work for certain sizes and styles of business, also relying on people trying to shoe horn what they need into them and the end result can be frustrating and look detached from the company and/or brand.

Way Fresh have known Karl from On Point for a good few years having used their building services for various things. We had a client that was very busy and had managed to get together a small amount of text and some photographs of jobs. We needed to build the website around the client supplying copywriting and guidance on sections and what imagery we feel was needed; a mixture of real world projects and some stock images were required. Using only stock images for a building site would always convey the impression that the builder isn’t busy and doesn’t have any work to show so we advised that a “Latest Project” section was a really high priority for this builder’s website.

No logo required for this one as we were given that so we decided to go for a green and black style site using one of my favourite section splitting techniques with the CSS3 triangles (yes we use it quite a lot). The main thing on the site was to show core services so it was decided early on not to try and shove tons of services in there even though they are an offering, it just ends up looking like and A-Z of building and also a bit like a jack of all trades. So we kept with the core ones of extensions and renovations, something which On Point are experienced at.

All in all we have a very happy building company with a website that reflects the work they do, we just need to get some slightly bigger photos of some of the jobs as they are a bit small!

Local building companies looking for a smart competitively priced website and want us to handle everything so from website copywriting, domain purchasing, email account setup right through to website sitemap ideas and website content gathering. Simply give us some photos and a company name and we can help bring all of that together into a slick end product.

Visit the website at www.onpointbuilding.co.uk

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