Our favourite sites of the month

Friday, 10 August 2012

This month I been taking a look at some new sites that have launched over the last few months to add to our favourite list. Especially looking for quirky sites, clean ones, animation based sites and some dark coloured/photography based (which are my favorite) so I scoured around and here are a few, some are a bit older but still very nice.

Love the timeline top area on this and the full width, the lower area is also really nicely done, the orange and dotted dividers are done to perfection.

This one will make you smile, very clean and brilliantly done.

Great photography and contrast, watch sites are usually nice this one has little touches of animation that add to it.

Not such a new site and doesn't run fluidly motion wise, but shows how to use video with user engagement and mix the 2 into a website that isn't a blatant video from the outset.

A site for kids to show off their creations of all types of work, we love the illustration and style of coloring. It's a bit tricky to initially know what it's about but the way its presented draws you in to find out more.

A German agency with a different way of navigating along with some stunning icons and buttons.

Another dark site but with that touch of magic in the form of animation, just a nice site to explore.

Quite a few have animation but they do tend to be the kind of sites that stand out more. Anything clean with custom icon work always gets my vote, or on the flip side photography with a dark look also does the same.