Retro web design

Friday, 2 November 2012

Retro web design is always nice to do as there are a wide variety of colours that work on these kinds of designs, the style is always pleasing on the eye and so I have picked out a few nice retro styled web designs this week to showcase.

Blame Stella

Quite a messy layout in some regards but that's the attraction of this one, nice subtle colouring although not the norm for a retro styled website with the aqua colour still a nicely thought out site with some cheeky typography.


Small site with the kind of colouring you would expect from a retro website design, the beer list is simple and done really well. The rollovers on each ale are stylish and just enough.

Swing n Sway

This is the extreme of retro style! its possibly too much for me and the top graphics are a bit blurred for some reason, however it has good and bad bits for a retro web design. I like the idea of this one but I think it could be enhanced a little bit.

The New York Moon

Great newspaper style website with a widget at the top in the style of an old radio. It has the look of an American publication and works well as a retro style website. Not keen on the website background colour too much though.

Level 2D

It's all done in Flash which nowadays is a bit of a rare thing as their SEO limitations have been severely crippled but putting that aside and just looking at the design it's definitely nice and it ticks the box for a retro styled website with animation. The birds are a great touch it's just a shame it wasn't more crossed over with a bit more thought on Search Engine Optimisation and usability.

Media Boom

If you're going to do a full flash web site then this is the way to do it, the 3d work in here is great and is an original way to display a site almost in a film style. Huge amount of Flash, 3D Modelling and design work has gone into this and it shows. It still has SEO limitations but I think they are worth it as it's more of a word of mouth site.

Thanks for reading the retro style web design post this week.