Some great ideas of colourful web design

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Most people love colour in anything to brighten up the day, in web design its no different. There are many areas that have vivid and colorful web designs and they are many businesses that lend themselves more to that style of site than others. Web games websites are always one that will blast the user with a plethora of colour. Here are Way Fresh's top picks this week for great vivid websites that will perk you up on a Friday!

Pop Cap

What a blast of colour for a web design, especially like the way everything including the web navigation is quick and zippy. The web games they have do all mostly have a brand behind them which helps to push the pop cap with regards to color for their colorful web design. Nice touches on the footer also with a hint of animation, overall an inviting website with catchy themes dotted around. There is room for improvement on the top navigation graphically on the drop down menu etc. but overall a cheeky site to start

Splendour in the Grass

Nice paper style logo for this, the event was a few months ago but still the globe design is great. If you do watch the intro animation you will see it a bit better however it's the main part of the site with regards to the colour splash.


A portfolio site from a guy in Brazil. Little bit of a mixture of styles on here, the illustrations are great however the text in the boxes doesn't work for me, it seems a bit out of keeping with the rest of it. If you're going to do a funky personal site though this is a web design that ticks the boxes. A full screen website with lashings of animation and some great ideas, the media section has the best use of web colours just a bit again for the text in the circles could have been done a bit better.

Floor 26

This is my favourite web design here, with the retro feel it just works brilliantly with so many things right. A novel idea on a web domain followed through to the style of the site, great typography and use of pinky shades with retro web styles. Just needs a more obvious home button!

Icon Dock

Not as good as some of the others here and it has a subject matter that always looks good, however a clean and colourful web design with some great web icons and icon sets to should help you spice up your next web design with a bit off vector colour splash. The header is beautifully done I think it would be better much wider and going for a full width layout though.

Toasted Digital

It's a green site with grass and so we immediately like the design (no surprises there :O). I have just focused on the top area, it uses JQuery for the animation with just a hint of movement it's definitely something we will be looking at for the next Way Fresh incarnation.