Steelcraft limited based in Chester-le street had been a long-standing client of ours. Originally, we built them a custom CMS system to show case their large portfolio of custom steel and metalworks, everything from balconies to security metalwork. Steelcraft manufactures a huge range of metalwork, all bespoke. The website originally launched back in 2012 and so was over six years old when we headed back in to see the team.

It was a pretty simple brief, take what we have content wise and give it a total make over and also implement a much more comprehensive CMS system to manage and display the product range which has diversified over the years. We took the initial ideas and decided to simplify the website product view pages, giving them more focus on the imagery and less technical content, something which Matthew the Managing Director at Steelcraft was also very keen to do.

The website is purely aimed at the business to business market and the primary objective of this engineering website is to show what Steelcraft can do and offer and then spark up a telephone conversation with a potential client to discuss their steel work requirements. There was no need for a huge amount of technical information along side each product. So, we began by wire framing up a product page keeping the core page as image, call to action, brochure download and brief introduction. There was also an additional a-z product page added for anyone wanting a quick overview of everything Steelcraft manufactured.

The website wireframes were given the go ahead by the team at Steelcraft so at Way Fresh we set about our always unique design process giving the client a one off visual for their new website homepage. The process that we follow for every web project we ever undertake, from 1-page budget tight websites right up to 100+ page automotive style websites. This always gives the client an exact feel for how their finished website will look, and allows for feedback and any changes to be signed off and honed to perfection before we even begin writing our custom code for that individual project.

The process was no different for Steelcraft and an initial visual was presented and after some typography, colour and placement changes we were all set to build this brand-new engineering sector website for Steelcraft in Chester-le street. We used our Fresh Admin 5 CMS system allowing all of the products to be set into categories and managed by Steelcraft along with full control over most of the website pages.

With this website being part funded there was a strict timescale which is always the case for funded websites, however the team at Way Fresh will always plan this in at the initial stage with it being one of the most important factors of the project. Delivering a website on time is critical to most businesses and something we take very seriously at Way Fresh HQ!

The end product is a striking on brand, easy to use website which are proud to add to our engineering sector portfolio. The client is happy and so that makes us feel like another job well done.

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