Teesside Link

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Teesside Link were one of our first ever back office solutions way back in the day and the system is still strong.

The team at Teesside Link have a dual business of deliveries (mainly kitchen workspaces) and TV & Satellite installations. With a number of drivers and 25 jobs+ going on each day, Paul (the owner) was spending most of his days and (weekend too) simply planning and running the logistics of the business.

In his words, he was now just the business administrator.

Having done the Teesside Link website, Paul asked Way Fresh if we could look to build a back office for them which would streamline the process, but mainly to help free up his time and allow everything to be a lot more automated.

And of course we could! Creating new back office systems using web development is one of our favourite things and something we are really good at. So off we set researching, planning and building the system. Here's what the system can now do:

  • Allow customers to book their work in and choose a proposed time slot
  • Allow Teesside Link to view all new jobs and allocate them to their team
  • Job summary to each driver on the night before so they can plan their route
  • Allow stock to be added and removed from the vans and alerts for low stock levels
  • Direct messaging to customers
  • Automated invoicing and financials
  • Detailed reports to show turnover, stock levels and breakdown of team members
  • All members of staff can view the system over their mobile devices

The new system not only streamlined the process, freed up Paul's time, but also allowed other team members to arrange their schedules, giving them more control.