World Tennis Tour

One of our biggest clients have been showcasing World Tour tennis at their club in Shrewsbury for a few years now, they have the men’s M25 and women’s W60 World Tennis Tours on a few times a year and it attracts a large audience of tennis fans and enthusiasts from all over the UK.

The information about the event had been all placed on their club website under the tennis section that they already had. So, there was a world tennis page that had time of play, news and all of the information. With the event entering into its 3rd year it was decided that a purpose-built website for the tennis tour in Shrewsbury was needed to help drive visitors and to further increase its identity and grow the event at The Shrewsbury Club.

The website needed to house two sperate events, the W60 which runs in March and the men’s M25 which runs later in the year. The discussion about having a site with an initial landing page and then two separate sites was the original plan. But because when one event is not on there is pretty much no information about it needed the decision was taken to make the site about just the one event that was upcoming, and then once that was over switch it over to the next one. This meant that the team at wayfresh had to build and design the tennis website as modular as possible so it was easy to switch over to the next upcoming W60 or M25 website.

We wanted to make the site quite intense in colour as the logo for the World Tennis Tour is quite a strong pink and dark blue, so we carried that through heavily onto the site incorporating very string hero areas and large countdown timers counting down to the event.

There was also a focus on not making the website too big and diluting down the information as the main goal is to get ticket sales and also attract volunteers etc. The tennis ball trial that they run is also a big event that happens just before the tour tennis starts with a trial around Shrewsbury. The original trials had people picking up copies of the map and form from reception at The Shrewsbury Club. We wanted to take that online and drive as many entries as possible through the conversational Type Form system, something that we have used extremely effectively in past competitions for other clients.

The finished website has been met with high praise from the team at The Shrewsbury Club, World Tennis Tour and the LTA who have their logo and name associated with the events each year.

Another striking rich easy to use website delivered by the wayfresh team that will help to grow the World Tennis Shrewsbury events each year!

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