Happy 8th birthday to us!

Friday, 10 August 2018

Since our last birthday it's been another fab year for our design and development team. We've maintained strong relationships with our current clients and added some lovely new customers to the pot.

One of our oldest customers (website age not client age!) K3 Accounting have had a third revision of their website done by us and with the new photography it's looking glorious.

We also launched a huge, national multi-site platform for Hallmark Hotels allowing them to advertise their spas from a single website. All powered from our in house Content Management System, their team are in full control of all of their spas including special offers, announcements, opening times and can add their own pages and content.

And more recently we have just done some web development in Cramlington for Business Transformation Associates. Taking their current content heavy site and streamlining it down and making better use of design to showcase their services.

Have a pootle around our blog for more projects we have done in the past 12 months, or check out our full range of web services.

And a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without cake. Thanks to Leo for the delicious rice crispy cakes!