Having just launched the brand, spanking new Metro Radio Arena website a few months ago, the PLAYHOUSE Whitley Bay (who are actually part of the same group as the Arena) were getting a bit miffed that their site was no longer the fairest of them all.

So in true keeping up with the Jones’s fashion they decided they wanted a piece of the action too and so screamed down the phone that they wanted a website that was a zillion times better than the Arena’s.

To calm the waters and to keep both parties happy, we agreed that we would make it “just as good” and so off we went with our magic web dust and created the lovely new PLAYHOUSE Whitley Bay website. You might be spotting a pattern in our blog articles now, but the main change we made was to make the website responsive and friendly to all devices including phones, tablets and desktop.

Of course we had upgraded the Arena to our sensational Content Management System called Fresh Admin, so PLAYHOUSE wanted in on that action too.

So what they ended up with now was a beautifully crafted new website, powered by the latest tech allowing their customers to view events and buy tickets on the go. What could be better than that?

Visit the website at

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